Trauma is a huge issue in our world. Pretty much everybody is carrying some sort of trauma, be it from a bad relationship, an accident, an unhealthy childhood, or something else. The problem is not identifying whether or not people are harboring trauma – it’s figuring out how we can heal from that trauma.

One of the most promising holistic methods by which one can overcome trauma is by utilizing the somato-emotional repatterning technique (SER). SER is a form of mind-body technique that allows you to integrate both the mind and the body into your healing.

This allows for you to facilitate a more complete healing session, rather than simply addressing the psychological or physical aspects of healing trauma. In this article we’re going to discuss the mind-body aspect of somato-emotional repatterning and explain why this can be useful for helping to heal trauma.


A Bit About Trauma

Pretty much all of us are harboring some form of trauma.

Trauma is defined as a type of damage that occurs to the mind as the result of a distressing event. Trauma comes in many shapes and forms, but it’s typically the result of experiencing a situation that pushes you beyond your mind’s ability to cope.

This is one of the reasons that childhood trauma is so common: children have not developed the proper coping mechanisms to fully integrate or accept the behaviors of others. Because of this, inappropriate behavior from a parent or a figure of influence can lead to long-term damage in the minds of children.

If trauma is not properly addressed, it can continue to influence a person’s behavior long into adulthood. Here are some examples of what unaddressed trauma can do to an individual:

  • Lead to long-term anxiety of various forms: social anxiety, intimacy anxiety, panic disorder, etc.
  • Lead to PTSD – a person may be afraid of approaching situations or people who are similar to those that led to them becoming traumatized.
  • Cause other mental health issues like depression or stress
  • Create distorted self-images or lead to false beliefs about the person’s ability to function or perform in society
  • Lead to long-term issues with intimacy and self-love, which can affect a person’s future relationships and make it difficult for them to find love

As you can see, trauma can lead to some pretty unpleasant effects later in life. Rather than focusing on the negatives, though, we’re here to discuss some of the best solutions for dealing with trauma.

Using Somato-Emotional Repatterning to Heal Trauma

Somato-emotional repatterning is a therapeutic approach that integrates the mind and the body to find the source of an individual’s problems.

Somato-emotional repatterning operates by influencing the energy meridians of the human body. These meridians are the same ones that Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and acupuncturists manipulate to produce profound effects.

These meridians, though they cannot be seen by the naked eye, function like our circulatory system. The circulatory system brings blood and oxygen to our organs; our energy meridians bring the vital life force throughout our body so we can operate as a functional whole.

Unfortunately, experiences like trauma can actually damage the energy meridian system by creating blockages or imbalances in certain areas. People who become resistant to a certain type of person or behavior, for example, would likely have some sort of blockage in their meridian system that prevents them from acknowledging or observing this situation at face value.

Instead, as a result of these blockages and imbalances, they would observe the situation through the lens of their trauma. This leads to things like fear, anxiety, depression, and the like.

By using a number of different mind-body techniques, a coach providing SER to their clients will be able to identify blockages or imbalances in the energy meridians. They will then work to eliminate these blockages and restore balance to the meridian system as a whole.

Much like psychologists can help a patient work through repressed memories, SER can help a client work through memories that are stored in their bodies. The body is a huge storehouse of information – this is part of the reason that it reacts to certain situations.

For example, a person who becomes anxious around tall people – even though they may not remember why – may begin to sweat, experience a rapid heartbeat, or feel their blood pressure go higher. While they may not consciously remember what they’re afraid of, the body does.

Using SER is a way to help engage these memories stored in the body and remove them so that you can live your life in the present moment.

In Conclusion

Trauma is something that most of us have to deal with at some point during our lives. Fortunately, there are a lot of different ways that you can work through traumas – including somato-emotional repatterning.

If you are having a hard time working through your trauma, consider getting in touch with a coach who can guide you through SER.

Contact me today — you don’t have to be controlled by your past trauma anymore.


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Healing Trauma with the Mind-Body Aspect of Somato-Emotional Repatterning