While many of us are enthralled and enamored by the feeling of being in love, there are some who set up barriers and refuse to nurture their relationship. This is a type of addiction that is called Intimacy Anorexia, where one of the partners withholds love or any kind of physical intimacy with his / her partner. They keep themselves in a state of deliberate emotional isolation. Although the term may be new to a lot of us, intimacy anorexia is a common problem among couples today. A study by National Relationship Disorders revealed that close to 25% Americans suffer from intimacy anorexia.

So how do you identify intimacy Anorexia when you see it? Here are a few signs to watch out for.

Not Acknowledging your Spouse or Partner

If you are staying with your partner and he/she makes you feel like you don’t exist; or you are married to someone who makes you feel alone. This would be a clear indication that your partner is suffering from intimacy anorexia (IA). Experts say that any sign or withholding emotionally or physically from a partner is a clear indication of IA. This could be in the form of sexual withdrawal, emotional intimacy, or unwillingness to share true feelings.

Feeling of Being Detached

The worst part about IA is that the symptoms are hard to identify, and couples often don’t know they are addicted before it is too late. This problem gets compounded when one partner raises this topic with the other; with the other showing a lack of interest to contribute to the discussion. Common signs are a passive-aggressive nature towards the other partner’s problems, or using anger to control a bad situation.

Urge to Be Busy Bees

Another major sign of IA is if your partner stays away from home a lot; this can result in one partner remaining at work for extended periods of time. As a result, couples don’t get enough together time, with one partner evading emotional and physical intimacy as far as possible. The busier they seem, the more ways they will find to avoid you. If your partner spends too much time out of the home without giving much thought to you, perhaps it’s best to have a one-on-one discussion.

Final Thoughts

If you need relationship coaching, Breakthrough Addiction Recovery’s intimacy anorexia treatment is an effective way for individuals to get things right before it’s too late. Our intimacy anorexia coach can work closely with you, giving you and your partner the much needed space and time to recover from whatever issues that may be plaguing their relationship. To know more, you can fill out the contact form or call our office at (805) 256-0372. Remember it’s never late and there is always hope.

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How to Identify Signs of Intimacy Anorexia in Your Relationship?