Somato Emotional Repatterning is a technique that uses mind-body methods to attempt to identify imbalances in the meridian (or energy flow) system of an individual. These imbalances can cause physical symptoms to arise in the person and can also result in unaddressed stress or other mental issues.

Somato Emotional Repatterning is used by professionals and holistic consultants and coaches to address all sorts of psychological and behavioral problems. Among the problems that can be rectified with the proper use of Somato Emotional Repatterning are addictions of all sorts – process addictions and chemical addictions.

Crucial to gaining an understanding of Somato Emotional Repatterning is that whatever the presenting stressor is (either physical or psychological), there is an underlying belief or emotion that is not harmonic with one another.

The focus is on that emotional trauma, present or past, that has been locked into the physical body’s memory, often below the realm of conscious thought. Our bodies replay these memories at different times, and they can adversely affect our health. With patients who have tried multiple courses of treatment and have seen little or no improvement, where all other factors have already been addressed, trained holistic consultants search for something else — a physiological manifestation of a trapped, negative emotion that is prohibiting healing.

What Can Somato Emotional Repatterning Be Used For?

Coaches/Consultants who practice Somato Emotional Repatterning can balance an extremely wide range of emotional/mental issues with this technique. It can even be used to harmonize physical conditions that arise as a result of stress or other problems, including body pains and headaches.

The primary conditions that are balanced by Somato Emotional Repatterning, however, are most often psychological in nature. Many of these conditions are often cited as underlying causes for addiction.

  • Self-sabotaging behaviors, like those that lead to addiction
  • General anxiety, social anxiety and other forms of distress
  • Phobias that can lead to irrational behavior

Somato Emotional Repatterning can be used to balance a much wider range of conditions, but these are the ones that are most often associated with addiction therapy. It’s important to recognize that Somato Emotional Repatterning, alone, doesn’t actually cure the patient and eliminate the conditions that make a person act a certain way. Instead, it removes neurological barriers that can stand in the way of treatment and allows the body to begin healing itself naturally.


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